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Fleet Leasing

At Koch Ford Lincoln, we work for you. Our team will provide you fleet leasing options designed for your business. We can advise you on the cost benefits of a commercial lease program with vehicle solutions that make the best sense for your business.

Minimize Your Costs By Leasing Your Fleet

Koch Ford Lincoln will take the time to understand your goals and create a leasing plan engineered for your business:

  • Operating & Capital leases
  • Sale & leaseback funding
  • Financing for a range of assets
  • Closed-end & Fair Market Value (FMV) leases
Commercial Fleet Leasing

Why Should Your Business Lease

Fleet leasing is a smart option for conserving capital. Koch Ford can create plans that fit your budget. The cost of purchasing fleet vehicles can put a strain on your business. Going into a lease program can alleviate that stress, allowing for your capital to be invested in other parts of your business. Koch Ford does not report our In-House Leases to credit bureau agencies, so your company’s debt-to-earning ratio is not adversely affected.

Business Lease Benefits:

  • Require less capital up-front to acquire a fleet of vehicles
  • Freed up capital to invest in other aspects of their business.
  • Less tax on a lease payment compared to paying the total MSRP of a vehicle
  • Leasing rates and incentives that typically lead to lower costs of ownership
  • Koch In-Houses leases which have more flexibility than Automaker’s credit lease options.
  • Buyouts, buybacks, lease transfers, lease-end financing, and extensions, are processed much faster, with a fraction of the paperwork, and at no added cost.
Commercial Fleet Leasing
Commercial Fleet Leasing

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