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The F650, and F750 frame was developed alongside leading upfitters to accommodate vocational bodies that require few, to no modifications. Because of this collaboration; some components (such as battery boxes, fuel tanks, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) reservoirs) have been moved under the cab. There are 36 standard clean CA offerings to choose from, with a range of 72"-207".

The available live-drive power takeoff (PTO) provision, can be used to power PTO driven accessories such as dump bodies, sprayers, and plows; or shaft driven generators and compressors. The PTO provision is linked directly to the engine crankshaft. The PTO torque output is rated at up to 125 lb.-ft. for gasoline models, and up to 200 lb.-ft. for diesel models (in mobile operation). The mobile mode is designed for operation at all vehicle speeds, and in all gear sets. While in Stationary Elevated Idle Control (SEIC) Mode (while parked), the PTO provision torque output increase is up to 250 lb.-ft. for gasoline models, and up to 300 lb.-ft. for diesel models. Split-shaft capability is also offered on diesel models to allow for multiple auxiliary devices.

Fleet Management

Ford Telematics™ fleet management software helps to optimize your operation, for increased efficiency. With Ford Telematics™, you can receive live vehicle health reports, monitor your fleet (with live GPS tracking and geofencing), set inspection reminders, monitor fuel usage, and understand your drivers' behavior. This all leads to optimized running costs, improved asset utilization, limited down time, and improved driver behavior. This data is collected by the modems, stored in the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC®), and accessed through Ford Telematics™.

Ford Data Services™ provides seamless, and secure access to vehicle data through the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC®). The TMC data is engineered to integrate with proprietary software (though direct API access), or to be accessed through a telematics service provider. The current service provider network includes ARI, Donlen (a Hertz company), FleetComplete, Geotab, Samsara, Spireon, and Verizon Connect. Even so, the platform is designed for secure, and open integration with any third part service, or tool.

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