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Service: (780) 809-4681

Toll Free: 1(877) 752-3492

Email Questions:

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Keep the dress code in mind. Sure fangs are cool, but "sexy" costumes need to stay at home.
  • Creepy masks are a no go. Avoid a real HORROR MOVIE, safety requirements are still required.
  • Yes, it would be hilarious if you dressed up as Dodge employees…but that’s probably not a good idea. Get permission before altering a uniform.
  • Dress up as a group! Meet with your department, pick a group theme.
  • Be GHOULISHLY creative, a white sheet with eye holes just won't cut it this year!
  • Brownie points if your costumes are dealership related!

Voting For Prizes

  • A representative from each dealership will choose the Best Group and Best Individual Costume. Example: Koch Ford Lincoln representative will judge DK Ford and vice versa.


  • Every group and individual will have their photos taken and all photos will be posted online and in the newsletter.


  • Best Group Costume: Lunch for your team!
  • Best Individual Costume: Loge Tickets to an Oil Kings game!
  • Viewers Choice: Our Facebook fans will be voting all day with the “Like” button. Your prize will be getting all the glory…and a digital trophy that only exists online ;)

    2015 Winners - Koch Fleet Dept