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Who Are We? 

We’re Koch, a Ford dealership on the Southside of Edmonton! We’ve been here since 1965, and we're proud to have grown up with the city! Edmonton is our home, and we worked hard to be the first dealer to offer Edmontonians an automotive e-commerce experience.

Why Should I Use This Website? 

We know you are tech savvy; you spend hours online researching vehicles, visiting multiple dealer websites, and comparing prices. If you are doing all the work, why are you still buying your vehicle at a traditional dealer? We built this website with you in mind, give it a try!


How does the “Hold With Deposit" work?

If you're interested in a vehicle, and want to lock in a price, then we recommend you put a 24-hr hold on it. Holds require a refundable deposit which is 1% of the total cost of the vehicle. If you decide to buy the vehicle, the deposit can be applied to the sale. If you change your mind, we'll give your money back. After you place a hold, we will contact you to confirm. At that time, you can schedule a test drive or just view the vehicle. If you don't like what you see, you are NOT COMMITTED to purchase the vehicle.


5 Ways We keep It Simple & Honest.

You're SmartYou’re Smart:
You figured out online banking years ago and know that you can buy pretty much anything online. We understand this, which is why we give you all the information and tools to make a confident purchase. A tool like “deposit’ allows you to put a hold on a vehicle with just a 1% deposit (whereas traditional dealers require a $2500 deposit). This helps prevent other consumers from purchasing the vehicle that you are interested in and gives you the time to determine if it is truly right for you. Our Pre-owned vehicles are listed with their complete history report, meaning there won't be any unwanted surprises. Keeping the buying process transparent, accessible, and affordable, allows you, the consumer, to reserve or purchase a vehicle without ever stepping foot in a dealership.

Always OpenWe Are T
ruly Open 24/7: Albertans work long hours. Shopping online to buy a vehicle can be beneficial to people who are strapped for time or just want to shop in sweatpants. Our online dealership doesn't close. Our 24/7 platform allows you to casually browse available vehicles and really think through your purchase and budget. Buying a new car is a big investment. In order to make a confident and informed decision you need time…without the pressures of shopping in-store.









Great Prices Great Prices: Dealerships have to factor in costly expenditures to support their inventory. While our Dealership is not entirely cost-free to maintain, we try to operate at a lower cost, which results in larger discounts than a traditional dealership. 

No BullNo Games or Bull: Our dealership does not rely on outdated sales tricks to coax you into a deal. You are given all the information upfront (window sticker, carproof, etc.), leaving you free to make your own decision.





























Alberta ‘Out of Towners’: We have been in business for 50 years and know that not everyone lives near a dealership. Driving up to the city costs money and time!  Besides, who wants the hassle of driving around to multiple dealerships just to compare quotes? Our website is built with you in mind, and is convenient by design.