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Every once and while, we like to offer promotions on Ford parts, accessories, tires, oil changes, and other automotive services. Feel free to bookmark this page, it will save you money!

Get The Works for $79.99 plus fees


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Truck Month!

  • Get great deals on a new Truck
  • $1000 Costco on most new vehicles
  • $10,000 rebates on most new 2016 F-150's
  • Ends March, 31, 2017

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Get Live Market Pricing 

  • All used makes and models
  • Prices are matched in real-time to the pre-owned market (Kijiji ect)
  • Never over pay on a used vehicle guaranteed

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Get 10% off Brakes (Cash and Carry)

    • Get 10% off all brakes

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