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5 New Year's Resolutions for your car

By Jeremy Koch on

Have you taken 2014 on with a challenge of actually sticking to your resolutions this year? Maybe you want to lose weight, start a retirement plan, organize your house or read more, but don't forget to come up with a resolution or two for your car.  Can't think of any? We've got you covered. Here are our 5 Car Resolutions for 2014

Keep Your Car Clean  Keeping your car neat and tidy inside and out not only helps it (and you) look good, but it also can help with wear and tear on your vehicle, like reducing rusting and protecting your paint job and preventing stains, smells and dust build-up in the interior. Regularly washing your car (about every month or so) will also help your resale value.

Regular Service & Preventative Maintenance  Now that your car is squeaky clean, it's time to keep it running smooth. Talk with your service advisor about what is recommended specifically for your vehicle, but Ford recommends those who drive "normally" (short commutes, highway driving & light towing) to get oil changes every 12,000 to 16,000 km. Ford also recommends checking your oil, interior & exterior lights,  tire wear & pressure, wiper fluid and blades monthly. Every six months, inspect your battery connection, body & door drains, cooling system fluid levels and coolant strength, weather strips and hinges, latches and locks.

Stop Running Low On Gas  Aside from the panic and annoyance of running out of gas, it's also A) Dangerous and B) Can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Can you imagine running out of gas while going 100+ km/hr on Anthony Henday Drive, especially if you can't make it over to the shoulder in time? Not only are you the person holding up traffic, but you could also cause an accident if you don't warn other drivers that your vehicle is going to come to an abrupt stop. Running low on gas in winter can also damage your car. Ensure your tank is at least half-full to reduce condensation in your gas line, which can cause the lines to freeze. It's also wise to have a half-tank of gas or more during winter road trips, in case of emergencies.

Don't Procrastinate  Need new tires, a new bumper or to get vehicle maintenance? Don't wait until the last possible minute to get it done. Driving with bald or donut tires can cause a blowout (and accidents are more expensive than a new tire) and cracked windshields provide visibility issues. Keep in mind that not fixing some things - like a burned out headlight - is illegal as well as dangerous. Fixing your vehicle ASAP can also be more cost effective, as you never know when cost of parts or labour is set to increase.

Stop Speeding  You're not a race car driver. Speeding is dangerous and does nothing to help your gas mileage. You're not going to get to your destination that much faster - in fact, you may never get there at all. What are your automotive resolutions for 2014? Share them in the comments.

By Jeremy Koch on
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