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New and Previously Owned Vehicle Leasing

You can think of leasing as a vehicle subscription. When your lease ends, you can return the vehicle hassle-free, purchase it at a lower cost, extend the existing lease, or renew to the latest model. Here is how we determine your lease payment and why you should consider a lease.

When you lease a vehicle, you pay a portion of the vehicle’s cost calculated by how many months you require the vehicle, and how many kilometers you anticipate putting on the vehicle.

Drive The Latest Models

You can upgrade to the most current, fully equipped, higher-end vehicle at a lower cost. Your new vehicle will always have the latest features, which is important as technology advances. You will also avoid paying for major car maintenance, as driving the latest vehicle model is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Lower Monthly Payments

A new vehicle lease offers lower monthly payments with lower interest rates and up-front costs, which is different from bank financing. You can also avoid down payments, taxes on the entire capitalized amount of the vehicle, and other fees associated with car ownership.

Save On Taxes

You pay less tax on a lease because you will only pay tax on your monthly payment rather than the full MSRP of your lease.

I Love my Car, but my Lease is Ending

Not a problem! Koch In-House Leases can be extended for 12, 24, or 36 months, if you’d prefer to stay in your current ride. You’ll also have the option of extending warranties and maintenance programs.

Previously Owned Leasing

Because Koch’s Lease Portfolio is self financed we can offer leases on all brands and models, so you are not limited to Ford and Lincoln vehicles. We can lease previously-owned units up to five-model-years old in any brand, model, or trim level.

Vehicle Leasing
Vehicle Leasing

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