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6 Ways to Control Vehicle Clutter

By Jeremy Koch on

After spending the summer on road trips, camping or even just chauffeuring your kids around, your car could probably use a little TLC.

We've curated some ways to help get that car clutter under control. Remember, clutter isn't just unsightly, it can also be dangerous. A wayward tissue box can become a projectile in an accident, and rooting around for your cell phone charger while driving can lead to dangerous distractions.

1. Use a cereal bin as a garbage can

 Keeping a bag in the car to collect garbage is all well and good, but if I had a dollar for every time it was knocked over and garbage flew everywhere, I could pay for someone to pick it up. Use a cereal container to keep the garbage, well, contained.


2. Use a small file folder to organize important documents

 There are lots of important documents to keep in your car - registration, manuals, warranty information etc  - but it will be no help to you if you can't find it.


3. Keep a first aid/emergency kit in the trunk

 This is more of an essential item than a organization tool, but make sure you are always checking the status of your emergency kit. Make sure it includes booster cables, water, energy bars, candles and flares, and check items for expiry dates often.


4. Re-use coffee cups, gum containers and wipe canisters

 You can reuse almost anything so it can hold tissues, change, and garbage bags. Just make sure they're tucked safely in a easy-to-reach pocket so they don't get in the way.


5. Invest in some over-the-seat organizers

 The  pocket on the seat of a car holds very little, and stuff often gets lost in the abyss. You can find lots of sewing patterns for seat organizers online, or if you're not craftily inclined, ready-made ones at the dollar store.


6. Use baskets for trunk organization

 It seems like every time we go to Costco, they're out of boxes. While it's not so bad loading up the car, we're usually left hauling the groceries into the house one by one. Keep some plastic bins from the Dollar Store on hand to corral groceries and small items, and to keep your trunk staples (like winter boots, blankets or emergency supplies) from spreading out.   Do you have any tips for controlling clutter? Let us know!
By Jeremy Koch on
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