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Carpet In, Lights On! Here's Updated Photos!

By Jeremy Koch on

Over the Christmas break we noticed a few changes to our new showroom! The construction workers have been hard at work installing carpet, drywall and lighting to the innards of the showroom. Our Boardroom is looking pretty spiffy with the new pot-lighting and hanging lights they installed. The offices are really starting to take shape as walls and sub-walls are built.

Our cafeteria for now is still only accessible from the back of the building, but will soon be connected openly to the new section upstairs. Jeannie is getting pretty excited! There are many employees we hear stating how encouraging it is to see the lights on in the building early in the mornings and late in the evenings. It gives it that "someone's home" feeling. The floor tiles for Lincoln and Ford sides will be different shades to set a dynamic difference between the two brands. You can see in the pictures that the workers have already laid most of the Lincoln tiles.

By Jeremy Koch on
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