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Cut out the cold with hi-tech remote starters

By Jeremy Koch on

It’s starting to be that time of year - when your top priority in the morning is getting your car warmed up before a chilly morning commute.

Starting your car before driving isn’t just to save your fingertips from being chilly, it’s also helps your engine warm up. In cold Alberta winters, you should plug your car in overnight when the temperatures hit below -20°C, and let your car warm up for a few moments in the morning to get things moving a little better.

Of course, this easier if you can do it from the comfort of your house with a remote starter instead of trekking out to your car - especially since there’s no added risk of your vehicle being stolen with the key in the ignition (or you being locked out of it while it’s running).

While many vehicles come equipped with remote starters, Koch Ford Lincoln’s parts and accessories department offers two types of remote starts: one-way (which doesn’t provide feedback) and two-way remotes (which provides feedback to the user on a screen or with a light), with prices ranging from $450 to $895 (depending on package and vehicle), including installation, parts and labour costs.

Aside from the feedback, two-way remotes also offer a wider range for starting (some up to two miles) add-ons such as alarms, auto-start at certain temperatures and car finder.

Most also come with auto-shut offs, so your vehicle isn’t left idling for too long. Make sure you’re aware if you’re starting your car in one of Edmonton’s idle-free zones. The City of Edmonton recommends avoiding using remote starts until the temperatures drop below -10°C. Not only will avoiding idling save you in fuel, it will also save the environment!

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By Jeremy Koch on
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