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Driverless Cars Could Have Movie Theaters in Them

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Watch a Movie While Your Car Drives You Somewhere? That's Absurd.

Actually, its not that crazy. Ford's already been looking to make a deal with Amazon to create technology that will allow Ford drivers to talk to Amazon's Echo, an automated personal assistant. And then there are those persistent rumours of Ford forming a partnership with Google to manufacture self-driving vehicles. So what could people be doing while they're being driven around by their driverless cars? That's the question Ford is asking. Ford wants a driverless car's windshield to turn into a projection screen when autonomous mode is enabled. When autonomous mode is enabled, a screen will pull down from the roof and a movie can automatically play. When not in use, the screen automatically folds up back into the ceiling. The movie could then be moved to a display somewhere on the dashboard or a secondary screen in the back seat. Driverless Car Movie Theater Example   Another idea Ford has is to be able to fold the front seats down as part of this movie system, and really start thinking 'luxury' with a vehicle. Ford has started patenting this potential technology, so it's time to start looking to the future and making those long-range road trips something to look forward to!
By 6 on
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