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Excitement from Last Week at Koch Ford Lincoln!!

By Jeremy Koch on

Hello Koch Fans! Last week proved to be full of surprises and wonders for us here at Koch Ford Lincoln. Our week started off with convincing Mother Nature to let up on the snow and rain to have the ground dry and the temperature just right to lay our asphalt. The constructions workers leveled, poured and smoothed out the asphalt around the East side of our Service Department and the South-West side of the showroom, perhaps you seen it driving by?! With those two crucial spots finished, our Service Department is back to full 100% activity and our Customers are finding shorter wait times and faster, more accurate service. Also, the front of the showroom paving is helpful for workers to bring tools, equipment and materials into the showroom to prep for windows, doors and walls for the interior of the building. [slideshow] On Wednesday our New and Pre-Owned Sales Departments held a Private Sale for our Customers who have previously bought from us. The Sale was very successful and we helped many Happy Customers with their new purchases! This is one of the many perks with purchasing a vehicle here at Koch Ford Lincoln. We invite Koch Members to Private Sales throughout the year via invitations. This gives customers the opportunity to see the new products that are coming our from Ford and to decide whether upgrading and purchasing a newer vehicle is right for them. I posted a few of the Happy Customers on our Facebook page and again want to congratulate them all on their new purchases!   

On this note I'd like to take a chance to thank all of our Friends and Customers at Koch Ford Lincoln for their support and patience while we build to serve you better. With all the hard work of the staff and the organizations around our dealership, it makes it easier to adapt and change for a better future. We still encourage our customers to stop at the booth at the entrance to make sure they are pointed in the right direction around the dealership. Also, if you have questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Cheers, Beth Rasmussen Internet Administrator

By Jeremy Koch on
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