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First in Edmonton to Repair the Aluminium Ford F-150!

By Jeremy Koch on

The new Ford F-150 is a game changer, and could significantly alter the way trucks are manufactured.

2015 ushers in the era of premium metals in trucks, as Ford is now exclusively using aluminum in the body of its best-selling F-150 pickup (available at Koch Ford Lincoln.) Until recently, aluminum bodied panels have only been common in luxury vehicles; the use of aluminum in F-150, marks it as the first in its class.

What is so great about aluminum and why the change?

The answer is higher performance! The use of aluminum drops the weight by 700 pounds, increasing the F-150’s fuel efficiency, while maintaining its strength and durability.

So where does this put Koch Ford Lincoln?

As the automotive industry makes the transition to aluminum; Koch has ensured that the residents of Edmonton have a facility capable of properly repairing aluminum-damaged vehicles.  Over the past few months, we’ve taken the initiative to invest in certified technicians and specialized aluminum welding, riveting and metal bending equipment. Koch Ford is now well positioned to be the first autobody equipped to handle aluminum repairs in Edmonton and surrounding area.

What changes in aluminum repair?

The process used to repair steel and aluminum are not the same, we spoke with Matt Mielnichuk — our aluminum specialist for more clarification. “Aluminum and steel are two different repair processes and each requiring their own specialized equipment. Steel relies on welding, while aluminum requires more specialized tools for removing and installing rivets.” Say’s Matt. He goes on further to explain the reactions between the metals, "Steel contaminants need to be removed. If a steel filing gets embed into aluminum, it could cause an reaction that can ruin the bodywork”

Working with aluminum, required our Koch shop manager (Morgan Leban) to change the shop floor configuration. The new floor setup is to stop cross-contamination, which required a quarantined area that is sectioned off from steel work. These measures prevent bimetal corrosion, which occurs when aluminum is embedded on top of steel.

Why is this important to you?

“Ford sent us the first damaged aluminum truck, because we are the only dealership that could actually repair it” says Morgan, our shop manager. Aluminum repair equipment is expensive, however we felt right to invest in our customers. Koch offers quality body work, and we will ensure that job is always done right the first time. 

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By Jeremy Koch on
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