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Ford Doubling Down On Electric Vehicles (EV)

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The Ford Electric Vehicles Are Getting Some Upgrades

Koch Ford is Edmonton's Ford Electric Vehicle dealer, and while Ford CEO Mark Fields doesn't call us every time there's something new in the pipeline, it's exciting to hear him discuss new technology with media. This time around, he's hinting at Ford electric vehicles (EV) possibly hitting the 200 mile (320 km) range mark by 2020. Ford seems on-track to do it too, with its Focus Electric having a range of roughly 100 miles (160 km) this year. Ford aiming to be a leader in EV isn't entirely surprising - Ford announced they're investing $4.5 billion in hybrid and electric cars a few months ago, which is incredibly topical considering the fluctuation of fuel prices in Edmonton over the last year or so. It's going to be needed, as there is a serious competition developing in the EV industry with Tesla's Model S leading the pack (and their subsequent Model 3 release). In addition to the upgrades in the electric vehicles, Mark Fields also announced last Thursday the addition of 13 electric cars and hybrids by 2020 to the Ford line-up. These models will represent 40 percent of Ford's showroom, up from 13 right now. Fields also believes plug-in hybrids will be the fastest-growing type of electric vehicle. Whether you believe in EV or not, future tech is heading to Edmonton in a big way!
By 6 on
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