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How Do You Say Thank You?!

By Jeremy Koch on

Like many of the thousands of commuters in Edmonton, I drive the busy Whitemud East to work every day. Almost daily there is a fair share of dodging, braking and frustration that accompany my commute. Today, I found the weather to be less than helpful and the traffic moving at a slower pace than normal for the road conditions.  As I approached the stretch before Terwilliger and 50st, I found myself caught in the normal grid lock that seems to dwell in that corner, but today I was in the wrong lane and needed over to the right to continue on the Whitemud to my destination. Turning my signal light on and shoulder checking I waited until a spot came clear. The first vehicle roared past me at a brisk 15KM and ignored my signal light. The next vehicle was a yellow E350 willing to let me squeeze in. After I settled in the lane I turned my hazard lights on for three twinks before shutting them off. I wondered if the driver of the E350 knew what that meant. This thought led me to see how if any one thanks drivers for a courteous gesture while driving. I found an article from The New York Times that made a list of the Top Ten Thank You Signals drivers use while on the road. I took some of the signals as an example below, but I would like to know what your signals are? This morning mine was the Trip-Hazards - a quick 3 flashes of the hazard lights to thank the person behind me. I have seen the "A-OK" sign and the casual Wave too. What do you do? Or did you ever know there is signs out there that are commonly used to thank your fellow drivers? Comment below! Cheers, Beth Rasmussen
By Jeremy Koch on
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