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How To: Care for your Leather and Vinyl

By Jeremy Koch on

Relying on the factory's built in protection may not be enough if you're planning to keep your car's interior in tip top shape for years to come. Your leather and vinyl interior and dashboard can be damaged by the harmful rays of the sun. Keeping your leather and vinyl clean helps protect it from cracking, fading and discoloring. The best way to clean your leather and vinyl to keep it looking great and lasting is by using a mild cleaner. A degreaser is always best to use on the surface you're addressing. Don't overdo the cleaning of leather or you may over-wet or abrade the finish. Just a light cleaning and wipe is good enough to remove the dirt and grime. Apply the cleaner on a lightly-dampened cotton terry or microfiber cloth, and a quick wipe will do in many circumstances. A leather conditioner should follow. Although your vehicle's interior plastics and vinyl aren't exposed to the same environmental harshness as its paint, they can still become damaged and worn because of neglect. Regular maintenance is important!

Keep in mind that every bit of extra care and time spent on interior appearance maintenance will pay for itself with prolonged great looks and a higher resale value. 

By Jeremy Koch on
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