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Keeping Our Customers Happy

By Jeremy Koch on

Every customer is special at Koch Ford Lincoln! We either have your vehicle on our lot or we will work hard to get it for you. We asked one of the members of our Pre-Owned Sales team, Jim Goodfellow, to share a few feel-good stories about some of his successes. Here’s what he had to say!
“I had a customer visit our lot a few months ago asking about a Cadilllac EXT that we had on our lot. Unfortunately, that unit had been sold. I mentioned to the customer that we could get him another Cadillac that he would like and bring it in for his consideration. He agreed and with the assistance of our General Manager, we not only found his vehicle but he was very happy when he saw it. After he completed the purchase, he said that he would highly recommend our dealership.” “I had a customer call long distance from Edson about a Lincoln SUV that we had for sale. I answered the caller’s questions and arranged a convenient time for them to come in and see the unit. I was able to completely assist them and they were very pleased with their purchase. I asked the buyers if they would consider recommending our dealership and they agreed.” Great job Jim! We love to hear about our customers.
By Jeremy Koch on
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