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Koch Ford Lincoln - Finance Department - Extended Service Plan FAQ's

Thanks to our Financial Services Manager, Patrick Watson for providing us with these informative Frequently Asked Questions all about our fantastic Extended Service Plans!

Q-How long do I have to purchase an extended warranty after the purchase of my new Ford vehicle?

A-Up to 3 years or 60,000km, however, the price goes up throughout the year so it is always cheaper to buy it when you purchase your new vehicle.

Q-Isn’t extended warranty expensive?

A-Relative to the cost of a new vehicle, extended warranty is actually quite inexpensive and can be included in the financing of your new or used vehicle.

Q-What if I sell my vehicle before the extended warranty has expired.

A-The warranty is transferable to another owner which makes your vehicle easier to sell and worth more to your buyer.

Q-Am I able to cancel my extended warranty?

A-Not after the first 60 days, however, Ford does have a program that will give you a pro-rated refund if you trade in your vehicle and purchase another warranty on your new vehicle.

Q-What other benefits does extended warranty provide?

A-Extended warranty comes with  24 hour roadside assistance in case you get a flat tire or run out of gas. It also provides a rental car if your vehicle is in the shop for repairs at anytime within the warranty period.

Q-What should I do if my vehicle breaks down.

A-Simply phone roadside assistance and they will tow your vehicle to the nearest Ford dealer. Extended warranty will cover the towing and repairs, as well as, provide you with a car to drive while yours is being repaired.