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Koch on the Internet - What you can do on our website!

By Jeremy Koch on

Below we have listed the handy services that we offer online - from booking a service appointment, to requesting parts, to booking a test drive - all can be done on our website! There are links and screen shots of every feature, so please check them out and feel free to put them to good use!

The internet department is an integral part of vehicle dealerships that until very recently went unnoticed. Vehicle dealerships were close to the last industry that really began utilizing the internet to connect with their customers. Only a few short years ago customers would book a day, weekend or evening to run around to multiple dealerships to shop for their next vehicle. Our Customers would come to our dealerships “gun – o – blazing” to haggle with the Sales people over unfair prices, this is no longer the case.

Customers now have the option and the freedom to choose whether they would like to outright face the sales people or connect virtually online. We’ve removed the intimidation that large dealerships have over customers. We have given the buying power back to our customers! Anonymity is helpful when shopping for your vehicles and we have proven that letting our customers know the basic costs of our vehicles online and being very open and up front with information creates a strong bond between our customers and us.

DID YOU KNOW that you could do all of the following things on our website???

  • Response is immediate
  • Appointment is booked according to availability
  • By logging on to your Koch Ford Lincoln Service Account
    • You can view service history for your vehicle
    • Book future appointments
  • Visit the Koch Ford Lincoln Body Shop Page and the Koch Ford Lincoln Detail Page and fill out the forms on the page
  • You will receive a confirmation that we received the request
  • The appointments will be booked and someone from our Appointments Office will be in touch with you
  • With any New or Pre-Owned Vehicle we have!
  • Give us the time you prefer and the vehicle details by visiting our Vehicle Profile Pages!
  • Order the part you need right online!
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email notifying we’ve received your request
  • Our Professionals in the Parts Department will contact you with information for your part

The internet department would like to thank you in advance for looking at our website, using our online tools and resources and contacting us for any questions, concerns or comments.


By Jeremy Koch on
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