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Life at Koch (Day 17): Making New Friends

By Jeremy Koch on

My last blog post was 13 days ago - crazy! The last two weeks has flown by. Been keeping super busy learning about how things work around here, who does what and how I fit in. We figured that my title will now be Community Manager as it makes more sense with what my job entails and where we want to take this role. Also, Social Media/Marketing Coordinator is just way too long; Community Manager has a nice ring to it, don't you think? I'm sure I will still get the usual "hey, new girl!" or "you're the social media girl, right?" lol... yes, close enough. So, I've also made some new friends... these are some of the guys I see/work with on a daily basis:

Tim Brouwer is our IT Administrator and pretty much my partner in crime here. His office is right next to mine so when I first started I just shouted to him through the wall (apparently, people don't do that around here)... that's when he introduced me to Google Hangouts (an online chat) lol it is now dead silent in the office again. His title is IT but I've learned that he actually does a little bit of everything. He's also really into marketing which is great because marketers think the same way so we understand each other.

Gary Hill is our General Sales Manager and is basically my go-to when I have new ideas or want to spend money (haha). He's very engaged and very enthusiastic about what he does. He gets as excited about things as I do - it's awesome! He also really likes his ties - I think my favorite so far was his tie covered with dollar bills (make it rain Gary!). If you ever come into the dealership and see a guy with a crazy tie on, that's Gary.

Maurice Tellier is our Business Development Manager and is someone I work with regularly as well. He is a great resource for me and also very supportive of my ideas and what I want to achieve in this role. From what I can tell so far, we share the same vision and I think we will work well together. With his knowledge and my spunk, I think we can really kick things up a notch!

Scott Johnston is our Lease Administrator. We've gotten to know each other since his office is right across from mine. We've learned that we are quite different as I tend to see the glass half full and he sees it half empty - or if we want to be a little more accurate, my glass is overflowing and his is non-existent some days (in his words lol). Somehow we get along quite well though! Today, he said "it's nice out today" - I think I'm rubbing off on him! :)

By Jeremy Koch on
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