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Life at Koch (Day 3): "Home of the Aggressor"

By Jeremy Koch on

Good morning Koch family and friends! I'm Amy and I'm the new Social Media/Marketing Coordinator at Koch Ford Lincoln and this is my first blog post (ever)... exciting! Today is my third day at my new job so I'm still settling in and getting to know my new office neighbours and the Koch family. So far, everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. Seeing as I'm new to Koch and the car industry, I wanted to keep a journal of my journey as I get to the know the industry, my coworkers, my new job and everything that Koch Ford Lincoln has to offer! Here, you'll get an inside/authentic/unfiltered look into what life is like at your friendly neighbourhood Ford/Lincoln dealership. On my first day (Monday, Feb 24), I drove a Ford F-150 for the first time to make a video introducing the new Aggressor Series that we are now offering - a few things I've learned from that experience:
  1. The F-150 is a monster - being 5'4", it was quite a work out getting in and out, but after I did it a couple of times and found my technique, it wasn't too bad. I wish we made videos of me mastering my technique - now THAT would have been funny. I also didn't hit anything so that was a plus. Driving such a massive vehicle wasn't as challenging as I thought it would be... maybe next time, I'll actually drive it off the lot (lol).
  2. I can jump in and out of the vehicle wearing 4-inch heels without hurting myself - yay me!
  3. I enjoyed being in front of the camera for once and not the person behind it. I felt a little camera-shy and intimidated at first but after a few takes (awkward laughter, flailing arms, forgetting the 3 lines that I had...) I started to feel much more comfortable and it was a lot of fun!
  4. If making YouTube videos, driving cars and laughing a lot is just a tiny look into what my job will be like, I think I'm going to really enjoy my new role! Can't wait to see what's to come.

That's all from me for now. I'll leave you with the short video we made on the Aggressor. Enjoy! :)

Oh and if you're interested in learning more about the Aggressor Series, you can contact us at the dealership or come in and speak to one of our sales people. Or leave me a comment and I'll have someone call you. More info to come for all of our truck lovers out there!

By Jeremy Koch on
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