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Refresh the Winter Driving Tips

By Jeremy Koch on

It's winter! Oh..wait...still. Snow is falling like there's no tomorrow and we have some easy tips to help you stay safe and out of the ditch. 1.Turn your headlights on. Make sure that traffic can see you coming. 2. Use caution and good judgement on speed, safe distances and turning. 3. Fill your tank full. If you do get stuck at least you will have heat until you have help 4. Keep warm blankets, foot wear and coats in your vehicles. Again, in case you get stuck these items may help sustain till help arrives. 5. Wipe all your windows off and clean your wipers. You can actually receive a ticket for having 'debris' on your windows! There is plenty more for drivers to be aware of during the winter driving season, but this is just a taste to keep it short and sweet.
By Jeremy Koch on
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