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Share The Love - Mei's Escape

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MeiAt Koch Ford Lincoln we enjoy hearing stories about our customers and their favorite car experiences. Today we spoke with Mei who bubbles over with enthusiasm with her 2013 Escape Titanium.  She speaks glowingly of her baby (she has a total of three babies – her Escape, her dog and her boyfriend).  Although she refused to rank them, she described them as having three “#1A” babies! Mei loves the way her SUV handles – the AWD is one feature she would never do without. She has never had an issue with traction, losing control or getting stuck, which were problems she faced previously with her other cars.  However, her navigation system, MP3 compatible stereo and the easy lift tailgate rank right up there! Mei is very adventurous and loves to use her Escape in some non-traditional ways.  When she first bought her car, she thought it would be handy knowing the seats could fold down and she could take short naps or even sleep in the back.  Simply sliding the front seats forward, folding down the second row seats and voila, she had adequate room for her five-foot frame.  She later discovered that by adding her camping mattress, she was able to use her baby for short-stay camping trips.  It fits perfectly for her and her over-sized dog.  Mei has used her “baby” on numerous camping trips and outings that last a few days. Her longest trip was a year ago when she and her dog drove to Maine, around the north eastern seaboard and back thru the Midwest and home.  She drove a hard 6 days to Maine and then meandered her way back to Edmonton over the following three weeks.  The best part of the trip was the reliability and security she felt with her Escape.  The steering and handling are such she felt totally at ease maneuvering at a good speed around mountainous and curvaceous roads.  Unfortunately, her dog didn’t fare as well... he became car sick! Luckily, as part of her planning process, Mei had prepared his area with lots of blankets beforehand so clean up was quick and easy. As much as she would like to, Mei refuses to take her Escape off-roading... “I love my baby way too much to do that!” Thanks for sharing Mei!


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