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Sign a Little Piece of History

By Jeremy Koch on

This past Sunday, Koch Ford Lincoln employees were invited inside the Main Event! We were given the great opportunity to have a tour of the new facility and sign the floor that will forever be a part of the Koch Ford Lincoln community. The event was held by our BDC department and more specifically Glen Finstad and Maurie Tellier. They put together a great gathering of about 60 employees who traversed through the terrible weather and over ugly road conditions to be at the event. Together with our Cafeteria Manager, Jeannie, sandwiches were provided along with hot coffee and beverages. Glen and Maurice also put together a few draw prizes for different Koch Ford Lincoln items. Different tour groups were taken around by the two men who have been an integral part of the construction, Bert Lachance and Dwight Kurtz. These men have worked arduous hours to reach their goals of a complete and brand new building for Koch Ford Lincoln. Pin pointing fine details and working out kinks in scheduling and making sure the construction stays very close to targets. After the tours and the good food, the Koch Brothers Dave, Duane and Rick Koch, stood on the stairs and thanked everyone for coming and all the patience and understanding that has been shown through out the year. They thanked Dwight and Bert for their hard work and expressed their pumped attitude for the new store to be complete. Following the speeches the Koch's invited everyone to grab a marker and sign their names on the concrete floor to mark the occasion. The concrete will be covered with tile when all is finished, but knowing that you signed a little piece of history is a gold-star kind of feeling for all employees who attended. We thank the Koch Brothers for their generosity and devotion to their employees and hope to pass that care and friendship on to others. Thanks for a great day!
By Jeremy Koch on
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