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Spring Car Care Tips

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Some of the steps you can take towards prepping your car for spring are designed to repair your vehicle from months of harsh winter driving. Others are car care steps that should be taken every few months anyway. The coming of spring, though, is the motivation to get them all out of the way at once.

Undercarriage Road Salt Road salt can damage your vehicle’s undercarriage by eating away or corroding the metal. A thorough cleaning at a car wash should do the trick.
Check the Tires It’s crucial to check your tires after weather changes because tire pressure changes about 1 pound per square inch for every 6-7 degrees Celsius change in temperature.
Wiper Blades Windshield wipers take a beating during the winter weather - wiping away dirt, debris and salt and gravel spray. Make sure the blades are making full contact with the windshield and have not dried out.
Rotate Tires This should be done roughly every 8,000-10,000 kilometers and it can extend the life of your tires significantly by reducing wear. Change Oil and Filter Some car makers suggest changing to a heavier oil to help your vehicle’s engine perform more efficiently during warmer weather. 
Check/Change Air Filter Your car’s air filter prevents dust and other debris from getting into the engine’s running parts, meaning less efficient use of gas and weaker engine performance.
Flush and Fill Cooling System This is cheap insurance against engine failure. Experts recommend flushing every 2 years for most vehicles. Check Radiator and Gas Caps Tight fitting caps on the radiator and gas tank are important. Radiator caps can corrode and deteriorate, so it’s a good idea to replace yours as often as you flush the cooling system.
Check Battery and Plugs Make sure battery posts and connections are clean. Spark plugs fire as many as 3 million times every 1000-1500 kilometers.
Clean the Interior It’s easy to use your car or truck as a storage area for all kinds of things (including useless junk and garbage), especially in the cold months when you don’t feel like cleaning your car in the freezing cold. Take the time to de-clutter your car and have it professionally detailed. It’s worth it!
Enjoy the warm weather (let’s hope we haven’t jinxed ourselves into another massive snowstorm!) and make sure your vehicle is ready with these easy, simple, spring car care preparation tips. If you have plans to sell your used car, getting a free car appraisal from Koch Ford Lincoln is a great first step.
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