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The Voice of the Customer - How we follow up with our customers

By Jeremy Koch on

Our Business Development Centre (BDC), provides a means for our customers to contact us with any questions, concerns or compliments you may have regarding a sales or service experience with us. (The service relates to parts, accessories, body shop and detail shop, not just the sales or service department.)

The day after a visit to the dealership, you will be emailed or sent a letter of appreciation for your business and inviting you to contact us.  A few days later, you will receive a phone call or message again thanking you for their business and explaining the Ford Customer Satisfaction Survey that you may receive.  Again, we want to allow you the opportunity to speak out which gives us the opportunity to make things right.  More often than not, we receive high praise for our efforts in treating customers in a friendly, respectful and professional manner. 

We explain that Ford does send out surveys asking our customers to rate their experience with us.  The ratings range from Completely Satisfied or Excellent, to Very Dissatisfied or Poor.  I won’t lie, the surveys are extremely important. Ford will provide us with technology and equipment upgrades in exchange for us maintaining a high percentage of Surveys that are returned as Completely Satisfied or Excellent.  That does not mean we’re perfect, but it does mean that we are in the 80-100% range.  However, anything less is considered a fail. The upgrades do help us look after our customers even better as we move forward.

 We do appreciate your business and we do want you to be completely satisfied.  Don’t be afraid to tell us how we did!  We are striving to improve. 

By Jeremy Koch on
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