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What is the towing capacity of 2018 F-250? (Part 2)

By Modessa Mamuri on

F-250 Towing Capacity - EdmontonPeople working in Alberta’s toughest industries count on Super Duty pickups for tough-as-nails work capability on any job site. Ford is constantly developing technologies to make the Ford F-250 the most efficient work truck in Canada. Let’s talk more about these features below.

Trailer Sway Control System

F-250 Towing Capacity - EdmontonTrailer Sway Control detects 'snaking,' or trailer sway. When detected, it works to make towing more controlled by reducing your vehicle's speed. The system slows the vehicle down by reducing the engine's torque and gradually increasing brake pressure on all wheels.

The Trailer Sway Control System works hand in hand with Roll Stability Control technology, which has two sensors that measure vehicle roll and turning rates. By selectively braking and adjusting engine power, the Trailer Sway Control system can maintain trailer control, resulting in improved stability and greater driving assertion.

Trailer Brake Controller

F-250 Towing Capacity - EdmontonEnsures effective trailer braking by powering the trailer’s brakes with an output proportional to the towing vehicle’s brake pressure. The controller adapts output based on the status of the Anti-lock Brake System. The ABS module senses the towing vehicle’s brakes are approaching lockup, so the controller’s trailer braking strategy changes to compensate for traction conditions, reducing the risk of trailer brake lockup. In addition, the Trailer Brake Controller provides instant visual and audible warnings in case of accidental trailer disconnect. This feature is fully integrated into the truck’s brake system.

Tow/Haul Mode with Integrated Engine-Exhaust Brake

This feature is only available for the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine option. The auto setting of this feature gives drivers greater control when traveling downhill. It helps eliminate an unwanted higher frequency of gear shifting on steep uphill grades and allows engine braking to maintain or reduce vehicle speed, assisting the driver to control the vehicle when descending a steep grade. This feature provides additional braking on downhill grades when used in combination with the engine brake feature.

Standard Hill Start Assist

F-250 Towing Capacity - EdmontonThis assist helps prevent rolling back on a grade by momentarily maintaining brake pressure until the engine delivers enough torque to move the truck up the hill. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading up an incline in drive or in reverse, your truck has you covered.

Smart Trailer Tow Connector

The connector provides trailer connection status, lighting, and trailer battery alerts. These notifications are displayed in the message center. This feature is included in all optional towing packages.

5th-Wheel/Gooseneck Prep Package

Available on all models. The 5th-Wheel Prep Package provides the necessary under-the-bed hardware in order to mount a 5th-wheel/ gooseneck hitch in the pickup bed. It features five pickup bed attachment points with plugs, frame under-bed cross member, and integrated 7-pin connector. This package allows your truck to have a heavier towing capacity by putting more of the trailer weight over the tow vehicle.

Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System

F-250 Towing Capacity - EdmontonThe 360-degree camera system with split-view display utilizes 4 cameras to provide an all-around view on the screen. Trailer Reverse Guidance uses 3 cameras to provide multiple views of your trailer, as well as steering guidance graphics to assist with trailer maneuvers while in reverse. It also includes a rear view camera, a rear center high mounted stop lamp camera, and a LED center high-mounted stop lamp.

Dynamic Hitch Assist

The Hitch Assist is included with the standard rear-view camera, providing added driver convenience when hitching a trailer. It uses a centerline in the display to help guide the truck backward and better position the truck with a trailer coupler. As steering adjustments are made, the projected path is shown on the screen, which reduces the need for a spotter or having to get in and out of the truck to check position.

Adaptive Steering

Adaptive steering is a new generation of steering technology from Ford that improves steering efficiency at any speed, making the vehicle easier to maneuver.

Lane Keeping System

The lane keeping system uses a camera mounted behind the windshield’s rear view mirror to monitor road lane markings and detect unintentional drifting toward the outside of a lane. If the camera detects an impending unintentional drift, the system will use the steering system and the instrument cluster display to alert and/or aid you in staying in your lane.

Tow Technology Bundle

F-250 Towing Capacity - EdmontonThis bundle is only comes in Lariat and King Ranch trims. It provides driver-assist technology features to improve your F-250’s towing efficiency and experience.

  • Auto high-beam headlamps with windshield wipers allow drivers to deliver by going through tough Albertan weather.
  • Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System
  • Adaptive Steering
  • Lane Keeping System

The 2018 Super Duty reinforces its place as the best work truck and continues to meet the needs of both commercial and personal use customers, especially for tough Albertan industries. Visit us or contact us at (780) 434-8411 and talk with our Ford specialists for explore which options and features that will let your F-250 to get the job done. Read Part 1 of this blog here.

By Modessa Mamuri on
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