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Trade-In's - What we're looking for.

By Jeremy Koch on

Ever considered trading in your vehicle for a newer one but wondered what the dealership is looking for in your vehicle? It’s generally pretty simple.  Just think about what it is that you’d be looking for in a vehicle, and chances are it’s similar to us!

Jim Goodfellow, one of our Sales/Lease Consultant’s, put together this helpful checklist to help you make sure your car is as ready as it can be for trade in.

  1. Want a vehicle that looks in good condition? .... So do we.
  2. Want a vehicle that runs well and drives like new? .... So do we.
  3. Want a vehicle with an interior that is in good condition? .... So do we.
  4. Want a vehicle with low to average mileage that has warranty left? .... So do we.
  5. Want a vehicle that has a lot of factory options? .... So do we.
We want what you want in a vehicle.... plain and simple. But don't worry - if your vehicle doesn't meet all the things listed, we still want to see it.
By Jeremy Koch on
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