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Undercoat Protection - Why Bother?

By Jeremy Koch on

Thinking about whether or not you should apply undercoating on your new vehicle?  Need help identifying what Undercoat Protection is? Here are a few reasons why applying undercoating is useful in protecting you vehicle against the elements.

Undercoat protection is a pliable sealant that is formulated with neoprene rubber and asphaltic gums. This pliable sealant will not peel, flake, blister, crack or freeze. It is attached using high pressure to the undercarriage, body and panel areas of the vehicle.

Among all of its benefits, undercoat protection acts as a strong sound barrier against the road noise that is typically filtering through your vehicle. Road noise can lead to distractions and when driving at night, can cause a sort of “lullaby” noise making it harder to stay alert and awake. The statistics show that undercoat protection reduces up to 75% of road noise and helps insulate the vehicle from heat and cold.

Customers driving on gravel roads or over dusty conditions can rely on Undercoat Protection to prevent underbody rust from gravel being thrown around under the vehicle. It also controls dust from being drawn into the vehicle by sealing all the seams throughout the vehicle.

By Jeremy Koch on
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