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What is the Cargo Space for 2019 Ford Expedition?

By Modessa Mamuri on

2019 Ford Expedition - EdmontonThe 2019 Expedition offers 20.9 cubic feet of space. The right amount of cargo space for SUV users and families can feel secure that there will be room for whatever they need.  Need an extra room? Folding the second and third-row seats provides 104.6 cubic feet of space for larger necessities.

Expedition provides plenty of space for cargo, even with all three rows of seating engaged. Behind the third row, there are 19.3 cubic feet of cargo volume, which expands as you fold down seats. When the third row is folded down, your cargo area is enlarged to 57.7 cubic feet, topping out at 104.6 cubic feet when both of the rear rows are folded down.  

Interior dimensions of the 2018 Ford Expedition

2019 Ford Expedition - EdmontonWhen it comes to your vehicle’s interior, bigger is always better. With a large interior, you and all of your passengers are sure to be comfortable, with plenty of space, even in the last row. Drivers who make it a point to cart around a large number of people will probably be wanting to make sure that the vehicle that they’re considering has more than enough room to accommodate everyone and everything that they need to bring along. If you’re looking for a large car, the 2018 Ford Expedition could be the right choice for you.  

There is enough room in the 2018 Ford Expedition to fit up to eight passengers, including the driver. Though there are three rows, each one is reasonably spacious, with more than enough room for even the tallest passengers. For most people, the dimensions that they care about in their vehicles are how much room they have for their head and legs. For head space, there are 42.0 inches in the first row, 40.0 inches in the second, and 37.3 inches in the third. For leg room, the 2018 Ford Expedition starts off with 43.9 inches in the first row, 41.5 inches in the second, and 36.1 inches for those in the third row. The seats themselves also provide plenty of space, with 62.2 and 64.9 inches of hip and shoulder room in the first row, 62.6 and 64.8 inches in the second row, and 51.4 and 64.2 inches in the last row.

Seating Capacity

2019 Ford Expedition - EdmontonThe max seating capacity of the 2019 Ford Expedition will depend on your trim level and configuration. Select models offer seating for eight total passengers with a second-row bench seat that easily folds forward providing a full passage to third-row seats. Other configurations offer second-row captain’s chairs that bring a little extra comfort to second-row passengers and a middle aisle for easy access to the third row. Models equipped with second-row captain’s chairs provide seats for seven total passengers.

Whether you’re looking for cargo or passenger space, or any combination of the two the 2019 Ford Expedition is able to provide everything that you need. Contact us at (780) 434-8411 or visit us to talk with our Ford specialists to find out which upgrades and features are available for the 2019 Ford Expedition that suits your lifestyle needs.

By Modessa Mamuri on
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