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When to change your wiper blades

By Jeremy Koch on

When you're driving on a day like today in Edmonton, when hard rain is pounding at your windshield, having wiper blades in good working order is important. Wiper blades that are streaking, squeaking, scratching, cracked, skipping or just aren't up to snuff should be replaced. Wiper blades wear not only from use, but from sunlight and the cold. For the best results, wiper blades should be replaced every six to 12 months.

Sunlight hardens the rubber, meaning it won't follow the curvature of the windshield, while cold weather makes the rubber brittle and prone to cracks.  As the blades age, they are less effective at wiping away rain, dust or snow - making visibility poor and driving much more dangerous. Ford and Lincoln's pre-paid maintenance plans cover wiper blades, meaning all that scheduled maintenance customers have to do  is bring their vehicle in - we'll handle the rest. When changing your own blades, it's important to measure both the left and right blades to get the correct size (often, one blade will be slightly larger than the other). Most blades are easily removed and attached with a hook or pin, and come with detailed instructions on the package.

By Jeremy Koch on
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