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Why service your vehicle at a dealership?

By Jeremy Koch on

When I bought my first car, one thing I vividly remember my dad telling me was to always take it into a dealership to get it serviced. Being a fairly clueless new car owner, I took his advice as “father knows best” and have always taken Ginger to the local dealership (which has changed over the years due to my penchant for moving from city to city) for oil changes, new tires and service.

After buying a new vehicle, some people choose to shop around for their service centre, either to get a better price, to find one closer to home or work, or because they’ve heard good reviews on service.

Personally, I relate quick lube places to walk-in clinics, while a trusted and certified dealership is like a family doctor - they’re great in a pinch, but I really want to develop a strong relationship with someone who really gets to know their patient (or, in this case, their car).

Trained professionals

Nowadays, vehicles are complex machines that require a lot of training to work with. Koch has the highest number of factory trained master and senior technicians in Edmonton, with a collective 350 years experience. They know Lincoln and Ford inside out, upside down and backwards. We’re committed to fixing it right the first time.

The right tools and equipment

Koch has invested tens of thousands of dollars to ensure that our techs have the right tools and equipment for the job - and,of course, all technicians are properly trained to use the equipment.

Service all makes & models

Koch service technicians are trained for a number of makes and models, not just Ford and Lincoln.

Quality parts

Counterfeit parts have become an epidemic in the car industry over the last several years. When you order parts for service through your dealership, you know you’ll be getting a quality product that won’t make matters worse for your vehicle. Imitation parts aren’t built to the standards or to fit your vehicle as well as official quality parts are.

By Jeremy Koch on
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