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Winter tire season is here again

By Jeremy Koch on

It’s that time of year again. Before trick-or-treaters come knocking or Christmas bells start ringing, you should be thinking about winter tires.

It’s important for you to make your appointment for winter tires early - well before the snow flies - for a number of reasons.

The rubber in all-season tires starts to harden around -7C, well before snow starts to stick to the ground in Edmonton. Service departments are going to be slammed on the first day of snow and traffic will be crazy (everyone seems to forget their winter driving skills over the summer) - don’t you want to beat the rush and have peace of mind with your winter tires?

Ty, our parts and accessories consultant, explains more in this video below.

Winter tires are safer. They provide up to 25 percent more traction than all season tires, which can help you safely turn, stop and steer better than all seasons. They also have different types of treads, designed to get through snow, slush and water better than all seasons.

While many people don’t believe that winter tires are worth the extra expense, they actually don’t work out to be that expensive. Using your all-season tires year round can wear them out; not to mention the fact that getting into an accident can be much costlier than winter tires.

Remember, Transport Canada also recommends that you install winter tires in groups of four, not two, to improve gripping. To make an appointment to get your winter tires on, call us at Koch Ford Lincoln at 877.234.8117, use this form, or send us a Tweet or Facebook message!

By Jeremy Koch on
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