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You Can Now Apply To Buy A 2017 Ford GT

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You'll Only Need $400k For The 2017 Ford GT, Give Or Take $100k.

Ford opened up applications for people to buy the new 2017 Ford GT supercar today at FordGT.com, but you'll have to hurry - they're only making 500 of these beautiful cars in the next two years. Out of your price range? Well, you can join me in having fun with the customizer on the aforementioned Ford site and dream on! Built with a carbon-fibre body and with a projected 600-plus horsepower 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, the Ford GT is built to match-up against the best of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ferrari and other top-end premium supercar makers. The Ford GT also has an aerodynamically optimal teardrop shape made to minimize drag and maximize downforce. This is Ford at its best, bar none. Production will be limited to 250 per year (500 total for the initial ordering period), making the Ford GT one of the rarest Ford products ever. If you want to own one of these rare beasts, you have until May 12, 2016 to get your application in at FordGT.com. If you're in Edmonton and your application is accepted, make sure to swing by Koch and take a certain blogger for a ride! ford-gt-zoom
By 6 on
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