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Paving the Way Into Koch Ford Lincoln!

By Jeremy Koch on

A beautiful fall day! The weather has been so cooperative it’s awesome! I hope all of our customers and friends are enjoying the weather and that it finds everyone well. The construction at Koch Ford Lincoln is progressing well. With our last blog post (Exclusive Photos) we were able to give a hefty update as to where we are with all the building. This week looks to be leagues further. Our cement pads and curb sidings are in place and are finished. We only need some walls! The workers cleaned out beside the North End of the Service building of all debris and the air vent to make room for a new cement pad there too. For next week starting Monday, they will be clearing, grading and paving the south-east side of the service building. (New Black Top!! Woohoo!!) As that is happening, we still need access into the Service Department to service customer’s vehicles, so our Pre-Owned sales department are maneuvering a “drive through” through the pre-owned lot. The vehicles will still be located in the same lot, but moved around and sectioned off using pylons. By doing this, it allows us to still have the large vehicles passing through with ease of access to the service department! All this will take only 10 days!!! So no worries on Service Appointments, Test Drives or any need that you have from Koch Ford Lincoln, it’s business as usual with a few twists! Now I know this is ultimately confusing to most of everyone, and to be honest until we see it it’s confusing to us too, but don’t worry we have Kathy or one of other knowledgeable Service Valets in the booth at the entrance to help guide you to your destination on the lot. With that we would like to take the time thank our customers and friends for their patience and understanding. And please call if you need further assistance around the lot, we would all love to help out!
By Jeremy Koch on
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