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Winter is coming - be prepared! (includes BLOOPERS)

By Jeremy Koch on

While driving safety is important year-round, there are extra precautions to take with winter driving - one of them being making sure you have a good set of winter tires.

If you don't have winter tires: Although winter tires may be a large initial investment, it certainly is worth every penny. Using your all-season tires year round can wear them out; not to mention the fact that getting into an accident can be much costlier than winter tires. Once the temperature outside hits 7 degrees Celsius or below, even if there isn't snow on the ground yet, your all-seasons tires begin to harden - decreasing traction. Winter tires provide up to 25% more traction than all-season tires, which can help you safely turn, stop and steer better. They are also designed with softer tread compounds so they can dig into snow and stick to ice at low temperatures.

If you have winter tires already: Good job! Make sure you are not waiting for the first snowfall, but you are checking for the change in temperature. As mentioned, once you expect the temperature to hit 7 degrees Celsius or below, you should be preparing to have your winter tires put on your vehicle. Service departments get slammed on the first day of snow and you don't want to be out on those roads without winter tires. Plan ahead; make your safety as well as the safety of the people who share the road with you a top priority. Beat the rush and have peace of mind by booking now. At Koch Ford Lincoln, we want to make preparing your vehicle for winter as easy and pain-free as possible!

Winter Specific Maintenance In addition to winter tires, these other winter maintenance items will prepare you for the months ahead. If you're unfamiliar or unsure about these maintenance procedures, don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Check your antifreeze
  • Inspect your tires
  • Replace your wipers
  • Check your windshield washer fluid
  • Annual Maintenance Procedures
  • Clean your battery posts
  • Inspect your spark plug wires
  • Inspect your brakes
  • Check Your Engine Oil
By Jeremy Koch on
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