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Transparency is in our culture, here is the recruitment process for a position at Koch.

Applying: When you apply for a position at Koch, your application goes into our application Trello board, this is where our team will begin reviewing candidates. After your preliminary interview, we will follow-up shortly with the next step in our recruitment process. You will always be aware of the status of your application.

Evaluation: Your application is then evaluated based on the relevant skills needed for the job. This includes writing and communication skills, along with your knowledge of Koch and the products we sell at our dealerships. When selecting a candidate, we look for fit and if they can excel in one or more skills relevant to the job.

Job Fit Interview: Only qualified applicants are asked to join us for an interview with a manager or director. This interview is done in person or a video call. Here you'll be asked questions about your experience in relation to the role.

Skills Appraisal: After going through the preliminary interview, you'll go through a skill appraisal. You will be sent a task through email. This task will evaluate if you have the relevant skills to succeed in the role. You won't be evaluated on skills that don't reflect the job. For example, a Graphic Designer would be asked to create a mock banner ad. If you don't make it to this step, you'll hear back with a kind rejection letter.

Character Interview: Once you have passed the skill appraisal, applicants are asked to join us for a final interview with the team or executive management. Here you'll be asked questions that dig into your character, core values and culture fit. You'll have a chance to evaluate Koch and your new team. You should look at alignment with our core values, and if we are a fit as your new employer. If you don't make it to this step, you'll hear back with a kind rejection letter.

8hr Interview: This is the fun part. We will bring you in for a paid day of work and you will get to work directly with the team. Each 8hr interview is designed uniquely for each candidate. This is the best way for you to evaluate the position and Koch as an employer.

Final Decision: After we evaluate each candidate who made it to the 8hr interview, the team will make a decision together. We'll select the best candidate from the pool and ask for references. If no candidates make the list, we then repeat the whole process.

Reference Checks: We will contact the references you provided. We will not contact any current employer, unless you give us permission.

Offer: The offer is a simple process. At this point we can go over your compensation in detail and any possible benefits. If you accept, we welcome you to the team, and we can determine a start date.

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