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How Well Does The Focus RS Handle Winter Driving?

By Jeremy Koch on

Pretty Darn Well.

Canadian winters can be pretty crazy. But we also don't like being left out with performance cars. Maybe it's time someone came out with a car that is the envy during summertime, yet can also shred through winter. Maybe it's time for Ford to introduce the brand new all-wheel-drive 350-horsepower Focus RS. We knew that the Focus RS would be coming out in Edmonton, but we also just got word that the Ford Focus RS will be the first car in North America to offer a winter tire and wheel option as a factory accessory. The Winter Wheel & Tire Package will be the first time an original equipment manufacturer is making a check-the-box winter tire option available in North America. The package will include Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 tires, 18-inch silver-painted wheels, tire pressure monitoring sensors, and center caps all fully mounted and balanced. The wheel and tire are narrower, to provide improved snow traction, while the overall diameter is smaller, so owners can fit chains if necessary. The wheel is finished in a sparkle silver to hide salt spray, and the set is complete with tire pressure monitoring sensors and balanced and comes standard with any Focus RS in Canada and your local Edmonton Ford dealership.
By Jeremy Koch on
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